PINC Dolls are coming soon!

PINC stands for "Princesses in Covenant" and the PINC Dolls are coming soon! Made in the image and likeness of Tiffany Bynoe, 


Because many girls are interested in music and performing, as well as starting to find their own "voice" and express their opinions, they will find Tiffany engaging and entertaining. Telling her story as an ugly duckling who has developed into a beautiful swan, Tiffany has a visual significant impact on social values by conveying characteristics of female independence. 

Young girls begin emulating the style, fashion, etiquette, and lifestyle choices of examples they see, especially in doll characters where they practice what they want to become. Tiffany's boutique stores will feature the PINC dolls who will wear the clothes and accessories that can be found in stores, and other branded goods such as books, apparel, and cosmetics which will also be connected to the dolls. 

Stay tuned for more about Tiffany's PINC dolls!


Stacy James