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Welcome to Tiffany's renaissance world, the beginning of All Things New where you are Free to be you, where No One Judges You, they Just Love You despite your imperfections... here you are an Ugly Duckling No More.... You are just free to live in your truth and manifest all of those desires you put to the side, to realize all of your Dreams in a Jar.

Tiffany is a multi-faceted artist who incorporates R&B, pop, funk, house, gospel and world music into the essence of her music. Tiffany’s latest music, upcoming publication and ventures proves a powerful foundation for a dynamic array of multi-media and entrepreneurial endeavors that solidify her brand as an inspirational author, speaker, philanthropist with her own foundation, and business magnate with her own makeup line, magazine, self-branded boutiques and reality TV show in the making.

Ugly Duckling

No More

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A seasoned performer by the time she was 16,

Tiffany competed and won Amateur Night three times at the famed Apollo Theatre in NYC. By her early 20s, she had obtained a major recording contract and had a hit record climbing the chart under the stage name Tene Williams. She appeared on Soul Train and toured during the New Jack Swing era with H-Town, SWV, Jade and Big Daddy Kane. Just as fame was beckoning, she met her husband, songwriter-producer Kyle Bynoe and the two started a family. She had a hit record and all the trappings of success; yet, she felt empty inside. Her marriage and decision to have children caused major problems with her record label. She lost money in a bad management deal. The couple decided to take a break from the music business and refocused their lives on their family and ministry.

These experiences and transitions are at the core of Tiffany’s compelling, inspirational new book Ugly Duckling No More, set for release in spring 2018. The title comes from the singer’s difficult memories of “awkward teen years that lasted forever.” She was teased because she was very skinny and she experienced the worst type of acne and eczema imaginable. “When I entered a room,” she writes, “I didn’t want to be seen; fearful that everyone would focus on my imperfections. So many times, I heard people say, ‘She sings good…but she doesn’t look like a singer.’”

The engrossing and powerful story details the incredible challenges she faced to not only launch her career, but sustain it when she had her daughter Gabby, who was born with Dextracardia – a debilitating heart disease where the heart is reversed with 2 holes.


This is not just a narrative statement, it is a movement for Tiffany. Everything that follows for her is attached to the thread of this movement, connected back to the experiences she relays in her book; and her current story begins where the book is leaving off…


Ugly duckling tour

Tiffany had become a seasoned musician and was on her way to a tremendous music career in her early 20's when her daughter became ill. Tiffany and her husband decided to take a break from the music business, and refocused their lives on their family and ministry. For Tiffany, that meant working with young women who battled self-esteem issues. Connecting her personal history with today's need for more voices speaking on living a life of compassion, Tiffany will embark on a book tour and workshop series partnering with organizations to provide education to empower women around the world how to live instrumental positive lives.