"Our level of compassion tripled (that night) and our ability to find gratitude in the seemingly insignificant details of the day increased. Our perception of life shifted considerably. Gabby’s issues lasted for 12 years but now she is living life to the fullest and we could not be prouder of her.”


Tiffany's daughter Gabby was born with Dextracardia – a debilitating heart disease where the heart is reversed with 2 holes. Her life and illness is the inspiration for Gabby’s Heart Foundation, which Tiffany has created in honor of her daughter. She has designed heart pendants for necklaces and charm bracelets that will be sold by a large retail jeweler – with proceeds going towards helping spread a message of compassion and supporting proactive activities that include not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. The concept and marketing approach of Tiffany's foundation is to not only physically represent this message through jewelry but as a shared international cause towards having a "heart for humanity." She has connected with various organizations, including the United Way and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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